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The Hague, Netherlands


11-50 employees

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With an ever-growing population, climate change, and growing compliance obligations globally, real estate is eager for better solutions. monitors and inspects over 250.000 buildings in the Netherlands and recently launched in the UK with 10 prominent UK housing corporations that will start inspecting their real estate portfolios with Spotr’s software solution. offers a platform for banks, insurance companies, large real-estate owners, and the government to monitor building characteristics in a fast, precise, and easily accessible platform. This contributes to optimizing their client’s portfolios and activities. “It’s about knowing and understanding your portfolio.” Says Dirk Huibers, CEO at “Think of the dimensions, quantities, and conditions of buildings and their specific components. This information is crucial to make smart decisions when achieving sustainability goals. But it’s also about asking yourself the basic questions. On which buildings can you place external wall insulation? How many floors does a building have? Can you still reach that high floor with a fire truck? Are there trees close to the gutters that could cause water damage? You need accurate data to make the right decisions for your portfolio and wallet. And that data simply doesn’t exist today.” With only 8% of buildings currently being inspected every year due to budget and time constraints of building owners and facility managers, there’s much to gain. “It’s our ambition to inspect every building in the world every year,” says Huibers. “In the largest global sector in the world, a small deviation can have a major impact on maintenance costs and valuations. Our smart software can make better, faster, and cheaper budget estimations than humans alone, which makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner.”

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