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ING Nederland
ING Nederland
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ING, arising from the combined strength of Postbank and ING Bank has its foundations in a history that goes back over a hundred years. ING has a rich history to be proud of. ING Bank stems from the NMB Bank and goes back to the year 1927 when banks led a reorganization that focused on the middle class to the founding of the Nederlandsche Bank Middle Class: NMB Bank. After a slow start, mainly due to the crisis in the 30s, the NMB Bank became one of the five largest Dutch banks. In the 60s the company focused more on the private market and expanded its international operations. In 1990 NMB Bank had 51 offices in 32 countries. A popular slogan that still has many Dutch, "The NMB thinks with you.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded in 1991
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