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ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.
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Addoptics manufactures Custom Optical components with a hybrid process of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing production. We offer prototype optics for fast-paced development teams based on their designs and are able to seamlessly scale to series production. We distinguish ourselves with our replication abilities, being able to manufacture complex freeform designs and delivering them 10x faster than traditional manufacturers. For questions and/or inquiries please contact
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Building on 50 years of expertise and experience, we have what it takes to be the preferred partner for progress in the energy transition.
A lending crisis: In 2008, the financial crisis created the biggest problem world banking had faced in generations. Millions of financially unhealthy people were lent money they could never afford to pay back. Fast-forward to the present day. Across the world, 4.5 billion people don’t have access to lending.At AdviceRobo, we have the solution: We’re fixing the finance world. A focus on credit history has left many people financially underserved, where they could be responsibly lent money. Using a combination of psychographic scoring and responsible lending, we’re driving towards a financially healthy global population delivering fully automated big data driven credit scoring solutions.
Advocacy Unified Network-AUN is a public policy research & advocacy organization with an objective of Joint Advocacy for transforming the world, attaining SDGs
Bij Aegon voelen we ons verantwoordelijk voor de financiële bewustwording van mensen. In een eerlijke dialoog bieden we begrijpelijke oplossingen, waardoor klanten zelf bewust keuzes kunnen maken voor hun financiële toekomst. Deze visie vraagt om medewerkers die helder communiceren en zelf initiatief nemen in het belang van onze klanten. Werken voor je klant Als medewerker van Aegon zie je onze visie terug in je dagelijkse werkzaamheden. Onze klanten weten niet alles van financiële producten. Met jouw kennis en ervaring kun je klanten helpen de juiste keuzes te maken, waardoor ze beschermd worden tegen inkomensverlies of kunnen sparen voor later. En daarvoor hoef je niet per se verzekeringsadviseur te zijn. Ook als marketeer, ICT’er of administratief medewerker is je rol belangrijk. Waar je ook werkt binnen Aegon, je werkt altijd voor je klant. Waarom Aegon? Zoals we onze klanten bewust willen laten kiezen voor de producten van Aegon, zo willen we ook dat jij bewust kiest voor ons als werkgever. Omdat je goed bent in wat je doet en altijd op zoek bent naar manieren om jezelf te verbeteren. Omdat je vernieuwende ideeën hebt en deze ook omzet naar concrete initiatieven. En omdat je samen met je collega’s moeilijke zaken makkelijk maakt. Herken jij jezelf hierin, kijk dan of we voor jou een vacature hebben Waar willen we heen? We willen de meest aanbevolen verzekeraar worden: een écht klantenbedrijf. Dat geldt voor héél Aegon: het is de wereldwijde strategie, One Aegon. We hebben nu wereldwijd dezelfde kernwaarden en kerncompetenties. Waar staan we voor? "Samenwerken"​, "Duidelijkheid bieden"​ en “Verwachtingen overtreffen"​ vormen de kernwaarden van Aegon. Wij streven er voortdurend naar om te voldoen aan de veranderende behoeften van klanten, aandeelhouders, medewerkers en zakenpartners en hun verwachtingen te overtreffen.
Based in Addis Ababa, African Bamboo has developed an environmentally friendly thermal process for treating bamboo, called ThermoWood. ThermoWood eliminates signs of decay, making the bamboo, an abundant resource in Ethiopia, a more reliable commodity for farmers to sell. The goal is to make bamboo, which is now vastly underutilized in Ethiopia, a cash crop for the country's farmers. African Bamboo PLC is a forestry, wood and bio-energy company established in the Netherlands and Ethiopia in January 2012. African Bamboo PLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune Enterprise PLC, a privately owned company engaged in wood and metal furniture manufacturing in Addis Ababa since 1961. The furniture industry in Ethiopia is composed of a large number of small-scale and cottage type furniture making workshops and a few relatively large furniture factories. Fortune Enterprise PLC is one of the largest best organized and equipped factories in the country. Today the company has over 150 permanent employees, and reached an annual turnover of Eur 3 million in 2010. For the manufacturing of furniture, Fortune Enterprise PLC mainly works with traditional woods like teak, pine and some local species. However these traditional woods are a scarcity in Ethiopia as the country suffers severe deforestation. Ethiopia’s forests are falling from 15 Mio ha (1990) to 12.3 Mio ha in 2010 with an annual depletion rate of 140,000 ha per year. Therefore over the last couple of years, the company looked for sustainable alternatives and quickly realized the potential of bamboo as a source of raw material for furniture and industrial applications. Over the past three years Fortune Enterprise PLC has been actively engaged in developing its knowledge base and expertise in the bamboo sector, specifically for the industrial and construction related applications. In January 2012, Fortune Enterprise PLC registered its bamboo business unit, African Bamboo PLC. It is the company's objective to optimize the multi-purpose benefits of bamboo in Ethiopia to its fullest by sustainably exploiting parts of the huge Ethiopian bamboo resources, producing compressed panels and outdoor decking for the export market as well as clean and high quality bamboo charcoal briquettes for the local market. That way the company ensures adaptation to deforestation and meets local energy needs. African Bamboo is striving to become Africa’s largest exporter of high value bamboo products providing the world market with a highly competitive and sustainable alternative for hardwood composites.
The ADPC is an independent policy research centre devoted to the study of migration and development-related issues from the under-documented perspective of the diaspora. It generates knowledge and information primarily targeted at three groups: Afr...
To have a successful Agile transformation, an organization needs to start measuring: before, during and after the transformation. In other words: have a data driven transformation. With a high failure rate for transformations there is a clear case to do so: having insight into the status of your transformation allows you to keep steering it in the right direction. Agile Cockpit is the tool for large organizations which have a strong software component (i.e. they are digital). We help companies focus on becoming more Agile end to end. The combination of our platform and apps help you to increase your state of Agility, to improve your time to market and to get more value for money. Discover what Agile Cockpit can do for you today!
ADI is developing hardware and software solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of greenhouses. Using state-of-the-art camera systems, data analysis software & presentation of actionable insights for data-driven greenhouse management.
Airborne International is engaged in engineering, manufacturing, and supplying high-end composites structures for industries such as aerospace, defense, marine, high-end bicycles, and formula-one cars. It offers composites structures maintenance and repair services, including inspection and damage assessment, sealing and painting, and balancing. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. is a high-tech aerospace product manufacturing company such as aerospace product and parts manufacturing, computer systems design and related services, employment services, aircraft, and custom computer programming services, articulated deployment systems, HiPeR flex links, hold down and release system, RPM 2.0, satellite intelligence, secondary payload structure, spark-wing, and tropomi. The current operational areas of solar arrays, launching structures, and instruments & systems.