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Delft, Netherlands · schiedam, netherlands


1 - 10 employees

founded in


We develop and produce magnetocaloric materials and magnetocaloric heat pumps, which have the unique ability to convert magnetic energy into thermal energy and vice versa. Based on world-leading research of Delft University of Technology and BASF, the Magneto Systems team dedicated itself to adapt novel material recipes for commercial applications and scale up material production.​ Right now we are working on 2 applications: 1) MAGNETOCALORIC HEAT PUMPS for heating and cooling. Our technology has the potential to save 30% of energy globally used for cooling. Cooling represents right now 5% of global energy usage, which is roughly 250 billion dollars per year. Yes we are talking about savings of 75 billions dollars annually and this umber is supposed to quadruple till 2050 due to increased demand for Air Conditioning in developing world. At the same time our technology replaces greenhouse gasses used in current gas compression technologies and helps the world to get closer to zero emissions. 2) LOW-TEMPERATURE WASTE HEAT TO POWER CONVERSION BELOW 80*C Around 30% of all wasted heat is bellow 80*C. Our materials are the only technology, which have the potential to utilize this wasted heat back to energy generation.

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