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Intern Machine Learning

Royal IHC

Royal IHC

Software Engineering
Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Your job

Royal IHC is looking for an intern Machine Learning who can improve our Machine Learning (ML) model.

Team Digital

Royal IHC aims to play a leading role in making the maritime industry more sustainable and efficient. Insight into the performance of assets leads to better-informed, data driven decisions and improved operational results. Therefore, the Digital team within Royal IHC equips every asset with smart, integrated solutions. Customer centricity is in our DNA. Initiatives start from customer insights and throughout the entire product development process we validate with our customers.

We are a small team with a large task and passionate about all things digital. We like to work together, take a walk along the windmills in Kinderdijk and have fun together. On Mondays we always meet in the office, catch up and have lunch together.

Your assignment

On our vessels there are multiple sensors that collect information about the current state (temperature, pressure, position, etc). We are in the process of developing a system that learns the behavior of each sensor (using a machine learning model) and can predict their values based on sub-set of the collected data. (For example at timestamp ‘2022-09-01 00:05:35’ sensors B, C, F and G had these values… based on them we estimate the value of sensor A).

At the moment we use a separate ML model for each sensor. The initial results are promising, but can be improved on if we select the inputs to the ML model not based on linear correlation. Most of our sensors are highly correlating. If engine load goes up, so does the fuel consumption and pressure in the system.

What we would like to have is for each sensor a sub-set of 5 to 7 other sensors that together give the highest mutual information. This can be done using practical methods like random forest or neural network. This way sensors with non-linear correlations can be added to the selection of best inputs.

End result can be validated by using a 3 layer neural network with the proposed input.

Optional extension
We can examine which are the most commonly used sensors as input and make a Neural Network that utilizes the encode-decode principal, that takes these sensors as input and produces all the outputs. In order not just to pass the values from input to output we can add a custom later that “drops” an input for few epochs of the learning process. Than we can compare the results of this single ML model to the specialize ones produced above.

Your profile

In order to be able to execute the Machine Learning assignment, one must be eager to learn, curious and a good team player.

To be eligible for this position you must have:

  • Master’s degree in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, I(C)T Management, Digital Business and Economics, Marine Technology or a related field of study, or equivalent experience.
  • Affinity with digital technologies
  • Have a structured way of working and good coordination and planning skills
  • Interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation and negotiation
  • Analytical and technical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English (Dutch is desirable)

We offer

  • This internship offers you a monthly salary of €425,- based on a full-time week.
  • Reimbursement of your travel costs.
  • Guidance and freedom to explore different topics.
  • During your internship, you will also have the opportunity to work on your assignments or thesis.
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility to work partially from home.
  • A great opportunity to contribute to the future of the maritime industry.